Under and Over. A book by Rachel Rigby

Under and Over by Rachel Rigby

Under and Over. A book by Rachel Rigby.

About the book

Eleanor is a lucky woman, she’s got the perfect job, a handsome husband, and they are planning to buy a big house and start a family, or so she thinks. After her wedding day her dream life falls apart. She leaves her home with Ryan and travels through the Americas alone, seeking escape. The beautiful landscapes, amazing people and adventure she has along the way keep her together. But how long can she keep running from her life before she has to go back and face it? Will she ever stop travelling, drinking, and sleeping with random strangers in order to avoid her heart ache? She’s gone so far under can she possibly get over… ?

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About the Author

Emerging novelist Rachel Rigby has worked as a financial journalist for over 20 years, writing for publications including the Financial Times, Mergermarket, DealReporter, Media Week, Sunday Business, and Breaking Views.

She is a regular guest speaker at corporate events, and has appeared on live television  on CNBC and CNN.

She has a BA degree in History and Government from Smith College, Massachusetts, USA.

A true international citizen, Rachel was born in Scotland to a Scottish father and American mother. She spent her early years in Kenya, where her parents were stationed as charity workers. She returned to London in year 2000.

She has also lived in the USA, Brazil, Hong Kong, and Portugal, and currently lives in London with her British-Brazilian daughter.

Rachel loves to explore the world, and her aim is to visit 100 countries before the age of 60. At the time of writing, she has already ticked 85 countries off the list! She is currently debating which 15 countries she should see in the next 9 years.

When she’s not busy working, writing, and parenting, Rachel loves to scuba dive, and has completed over 500 dives at locations around the world. She also loves to paint, and to discover new countries and cultures through food, culture, and art.

Under and Over is Rachel’s first novel.