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  Kenya, Africa
rachel rigby in kenya

Ol Pejeta Reserve: dream vacation for wildlife lovers

After three decades of being away I am lured back to the place where I grew up, Kenya.

 Senigallia, Itay
rachel rigby in italy

Senigallia: A cornucopia of traditional Italian produce

 This stunning Adriatic resort town is a lesser-known holiday destination in the central…….

  Tel Aviv, Israel

Let me tell you about Tel Aviv

As I arrive into Tel Aviv along the coastline, I instantly feel relaxed…..

 bethlehem, palestine

It is still Christmas in Bethlehem ...

If you love celebration, you will be delighted to know that it’s still Christmas in the birthplace..

Venice, Italy
rachel rigby at a museum

Canaletta & the art of venice

Canaletto, a unique artist, captures the beauty of Italian architecture and city scenes from the 18th Century…….

Baalbek, Lebanon
baalbek ruins - rachel rigby

Mysterious Baalbek enchants despite Isis incursions

The largest Roman ruins in the world aren’t the easiest place to get to. But don’t let a few little things like ……..

Rio, Brazil

Rio postcard: Olympics 'better than Italian soap opera'

Porto, portugal
Porto-food& wine

Time to drink Port in Porto

A magnificent view of the river across the rooftops, where one can admire the colourful walls full of graffiti.